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Alfa Alliance Insurance online premium payment site:
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Notice to Commercial Accounts: any outstanding balances on previous terms will be added to the Minimum Payment.

Web Pay allows you to pay your insurance premium from your checking or savings account, same as a Debit Card.  By using this site you agree to be bound by NACHA rules on ACH payments. Electronic payments entered before 8 p.m. Eastern time are applied to your account with us the same day. Your eCheck ACH payment is deducted from your checking or savings account usually within the following 2 business days. You may also make a Credit/Debit card payment for no fee for most policies (third-party site).

Web Pay is a single transaction at a secure site. Your information will not be re-used. Web Pay is available for most policy types; you will be notified if a policy is ineligible or lapsed. Your installment, past due (if any) and total balance amounts will display after policy validation.

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